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Simply Ice Cream - Award Winner

Innovation Award Winner - Business Awards Kent - Ashford 2017

Simply Ice Cream were delighted to win the innovation award in the Kent Business Awards for Ashford 2017. As an SME we believe it is so important to enter awards not only for brand credibility and recognition but for staff morale as well.

As a business we have been extremely fortunate in that we have won a number of food related awards over the years including Great Taste Awards and Quality Food Awards both great benchmarks within the food industry to tell consumers and retailers you have a great tasting product but its also really important to look at awards that relate to the way you run your business and the Kent Business Awards allowed us to showcase how we run the business, where we have come from and where we would like to take it going forward.

Entering awards give a huge boast to morale within your company, increasing motivation to stay on top of the game and giving the staff something to be proud of, it recognises their contribution, hard work and effort to the business. An SME often relies on small numbers of staff doing their jobs really well and to have an outside organisation recognise their potential and input into the business is a fantastic way of saying thank you to them.

From an industry perspective winning an award gives your business credibility building your corporate profile within your field of speciality, giving you an edge over your competitors and respect amongst them.

Another fantastic benefit of entering awards is from the PR point of view. It is far more effective and much cheaper than advertising and the opportunities are often far reaching. Local and National publications are often keen to report a success story. PR allows you to shout about your Company to industry and potential consumers/customers without the costs associated with promoting your business on a day to day basis.

As a business owner taking the time to fill out the application allows you time to assess and reflect on your business, something we don’t often have time to do and it helps you realise where you are currently, how far you’ve come and where you would like to be in the future allowing you to really focus on your business.

- Sally Newall

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