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6 reasons why entering awards is good for business.

Within the UK there are a growing number of awards that recognise your business’s hard work. At Business Awards Kent for example, we have a range of award categories that you can enter from ‘Businesswoman of the year’ to ‘Best small family business’. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, there are many reasons why you can benefit from entering awards – not just the fancy award ceremony!

1. Employee motivation

Working for an award-winning business is something to shout about and be proud of. Recognising staff’s achievements and hard work is vital to boost morale and progress positively in the business world. Employees are more likely to go out of their way to give your business excellent reviews online if they feel appreciated and valued, they may do so through social media or through websites such as

2. Free marketing

Even if you don’t win from entering awards, simply being short-listed gives your business fantastic free marketing. Often over-looked as a marketing strategy entering awards can improve brand awareness and attract new customers. Just think, the awards host will be showcasing your business logo, links to your website and more on their website and social media channels -there’s lots of potential new traffic being directed to your website because of this.

3. Customer relations

Every business owner wants a good reason to contact their customers that’s not a hard sell. Imagine the opportunities that will come from entering awards, you could send your contacts an email updating them, post on social media, the possibilities are endless. You could even offer a discount to thank your customers for their support should you win or are short-listed. Customers will love to hear your great news!

4. Stand out from your competition

What separates you from your competitors? Did they enter awards too? Perhaps they didn’t think it was necessary, leaving you to swoop in, pick up the award and stand out as the BETTER business. Who are customers going to pick? Your competitor with no awards or you with ‘award winner’ stamped on your marketing materials? It’s a no brainer.

5. Add value to your business

Credibility when it comes to business is key. So much is based on trust, new customers, returning customers, new staff, current staff’s job satisfaction – all these things are encouraged when your business has an award-winning title. The opinion will be that your business is doing things better than other businesses.

6. Attract new staff

When candidates look for new job roles your company will stand out from the crowd should you have a business award. It will add credibility, show that you’re reliable and make people WANT to work for you. If you are seen to be the best, then the best people for the job will be attracted to applying for your job roles.

Hopefully these 6 reasons have motivated you to enter awards to give your business the recognition it deserves. Good luck, and if you’re based in Kent have a look at our awards and enter!

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